Monday, May 4, 2015

THE GRAND FLOAT PARADE [Panagbenga 2015]

Who would not want to witness the very exciting Panagbenga Festival Grand Float Parade in Baguio? As for me,  I was lucky to witness the event and be part of it.
It was my first time to attend the Panagbenga Festival and I was fortunate enough to get close up photos of the floats. They were all beautiful! Flowers are naturally adorable and seeing them being crafted into wonderful floats make them even more attractive! It must have been a lot of hard work and creativity to come up with such floats.
 There were lots of people who flocked to the side of the streets to witness the parade. And I even saw the actress Matet de Leon from the crowd! 
Well, I also had a chance to take some photos with the PBA players from the Road Warriors! Haha! :D They were there to support the NLEX float, of course. :p

The carnival-inspired float of NLEX who captured the attention of many people was judged as the best float. :)

It was indeed a fun and exciting day! 
That concludes my short trip to Baguio. :)

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Photos by Nholz


  1. I've never been to a Panagbenga festival event in my life but it's always nice to see and read about them from afar.. mostly from other people's blog account of experiences like this one.

    I enjoyed the photos, thanks for sharing your snaps! Happy to know it's still as lively and colorful as always. Onga naman, it's a flower festival hehe. I think that's the trademark na, 'no? :D

    Anna (

    1. Yes! Haha! You should try to watch Panagbenga some time. It's a great experience! You have to be ready with the heavy traffic and big crowd though.. But it's all worth it when you see the beautiful floats. ;) Thanks for dropping by my blog, Anna!

  2. Wow!! wonderful shots Andy! I always love parade and flowers so Panagbenga parade would be so much fun. Never been there but I wish I could someday.Thanks for sharing this to us Andy. I'm happy that you are enjoying and making the most out of the fun in Panagbenga :)))

    love lots,

    1. Thanks Tin! Try to attend the event next year. ;)

  3. Wow! super ganda ng floats! I wish to attend events like this too! I love flowers din kasi ^_^ Btw, love your outfit here!


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