Monday, December 29, 2014


Are you done with your holiday shopping yet? I’m sure that at this point in time, most of you already are. Satisfied with the things you spent your money on? Hmm..? So, where did your bonus go? Did you spend it on worthwhile things? I hope so.. :P
This post is not meant to make you regret your shopping escapade but to remind you to take some time to reflect on your spending habit. Hehe.. :D I mean it’s okay if you bought a lot of new things this season, but I hope you had a spending plan and strictly followed it.  Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying we have to be hard on ourselves. It’s fine to go and buy what we want, but we should also not forget to save up. While this season is the best time to spend, it’s also the perfect time to increase our savings. C'mon guys, it’s for our future! :D

Well, it’s not that you have to keep all the bonus you received this Christmas. It’s just a matter of having the proper allocation. And how to do that? Here’s a simple tip that can get you started. Use the PROSPERITY FORMULA or the 10-20-70 principle. The 10% of your salary is for your tithes. It’s the Lord who blesses us with good health, work and income, so we might as well give back. The 20% should be kept as your savings. You can save it in the bank as your emergency fund or invest it in facilities that earn interest like mutual funds. Invest it for your future. If you want to save more, then better! Finally, use the remaining 70% to all the splurging you want. That's for your food, clothes, gadget, etc. Now, you can go shopping without that guilty feeling! 

See? That simple! You can follow this principle every time you receive your salary or income. Keep practicing this and I’m sure you will enjoy your earnings not only now but all the more in the future! =)

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Photos by Marc

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Christmas is about giving, caring and sharing. Have you helped anyone this Christmas yet? If you’re thinking of ways, here’s how you can help in your own simple way. By simply buying a limited-edition of McDonald’s socks for only Php100, you can already help build the next Bahay Bulilit daycare center for children. All net proceeds from the sale of this iconic socks will go to this charity. It’s available at participating stores only. Read their page for more info: McDonald's Charity. Get your socks now while they are still available! =)

Be cool and creative on how you wear them. And don’t forget to take a picture and add #ShowYourStripes in your caption. As their tagline says, doing good is always in style. 
Show your stripes, guys! ;)

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014


It’s been rainy these past few days and I know this season is not the best time to go to the beach. But that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about it anymore, right? =) I kind of miss the sun, so I’m going to share my summer experience in no other than- Boracay!
Last summer, I had a chance to visit this beautiful island. It was a quick visit though. Haha! The trip was actually for a wedding we attended in Kalibo. And since we were already there, we took the moment to visit Bora as well. Here are the never-before-seen photos of this adventure. <3

Sadly, we didn’t have the luxury of time 'coz we only had an afternoon to enjoy this white sand beach. But still, it was a well spent day!
I wish I had more time to explore this isle. Oh well, there's always gonna be next time. :p
What do you think? :D

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Photos by Nholz
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