Tuesday, November 4, 2014


To fully enjoy the day at Disney, having the right outfit is necessary. There are lots of extreme rides that could get you look wasted easily if you don’t wear the proper attire. To explore the whole park will take you a day so it’s very important to dress in something that could last from day to night. 

For my comfy and playful look, I decided to wear a comfortable shirt which I paired with denim shorts and sneakers! Also, there's a lot of sun exposure so I made sure to have my sunglasses ready. @_@

 And to complete my look, I wore the braided bracelets which I made on my latest D-I-Y project accessories. Yep! I just made them! ;) 
So there, an outfit that lasted from morning till evening. Hassle free clothes truly make you enjoy the day! It really pays to integrate comfort with style!

What do you think? =)

Photos by Nholz

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