Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Wondering what's hot next season? To give you an idea, here are the collections of some of our country's sought after designers for Spring/Summer 2015, that were presented during the recently concluded Manila Fashion Festival.

Manila Fashion Festival is the newest fashion event in the Philippines organized by management agency, Art Personas, with the aim of revolutionizing the local fashion industry. They had their pioneering show last November 11, 12 and 13 at Green Sun building where they featured the works of our country’s young and creative designers namely Arin, Jaz Cerezo, Cheetah Rivera, Veejay Floresca, Yevgeniya Alexandrovna Yushkova, Anthony Ramirez, Vania Romoff, Chris Diaz, Mark Bumgarner, Sassa Jimenez, Renan Pacson, and Pablo Cabahug.
With the success of MFF's first event, their next shows will surely be anticipated by the fashion enthusiasts.

More about these trends in Megastyle’s article, Manila Fashion Festival 2014: Trendspotting and Stylebible’s Trend Spotting at the Manila Fashion Festival.

Lucky to have been invited to this glamorous event. Looking forward to the next. =)

Cinderella origami dress, Mango bag, Red Lips sandals

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014


To visit Hong Kong once again was totally different experience from my previous one. We were in a hurry the last time we went there because we still had to go to Macau. This time we stayed longer and was able to tour around the city. And took more photos, of course! Haha! As I mentioned in my previous post, we went to Hong Kong for a conference. And on that same week, I had another training to attend to in Manila so we couldn’t stay any longer.

The whole trip was full of activities that's why I only had an opportunity to take pictures on the beach (where we stayed) on the last day.

On my flight home, I wanted to wear something comfy so I basically wore flats. And because I’m so fond of my hand-made accessories, I wore another bunch from my latest collection. This time, I had on my star necklace and candy bracelets! What do you think? =)

Photos by Nholz


Hey there! If you think that my Disney adventure is already over... Well, not yet! There’s something else I would like to show you. The inner side shots of Disneyland Hotel! Our conference was held there so I had the privilege to see what's inside and take pictures. Entering it made me feel like I was a princess in my castle. Lol. And I think my attire for the day fits in! Formal but with a perky hint. ;) 
I just thought that Disneyland Hotel deserves more exposure and the pictures on my previous post were not enough. So here’s some more!

The garden was my favorite spot so I took as much pictures as I could.

What do you think? =)

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Photos by Nholz

Thursday, November 13, 2014


The main reason for my recent HK trip was this very important event that I had to attend. It’s the IMG’s Builders Summit! What made this conference exciting was that it was held at Disneyland Hotel! And there I had my magical moment! I always get to attend conventions and watch people receive their awards. I felt elated that this time I was one of those who went up the stage and got recognized. Haha! I’ve already been five years in this company and I’m just so grateful to be finally promoted to Marketing Director! It’s indeed a mark of a new milestone.
To give you a background, IMG is a company that teaches Filipinos wealth management and provides not only financial knowledge but application at the same time. Knowing about this company during my college years has been so much of a blessing. It has helped me a lot in managing my money and maximizing its potential. Not yet a millionaire though. Haha! But at a very young age, I learned to become a wise spender and a consistent saver. And that’s what I want to impart to you as well.
I am saddened by the recent news that more than half of the Filipinos consider themselves as poor. I’ve come to realize that I haven’t been so assertive in sharing my mission to spread financial literacy. So expect to see more wealth management topics, soon. Tehe.. Don’t worry. I won’t be too technical. =)

Oh by the way, I had this trip for free! Thanks to IMG for making it possible! You could have free trips too. Wanna know how? Ask me! ;)

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Photos by Nholz
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