Tuesday, September 23, 2014


If you're a traveler looking for your next destination, here's one that you should definitely explore- Macau! It's a place worth seeing. If you have plans of going to Hong Kong, you can actually have a side trip visit to Macau by just riding a ferry. Yes! Easy transportation, right? =) Wondering what you can find there? Come and join me as I reminisce my few moments in this splendid world.

Macau is a rich country well-known for its casinos, thus it is called "The Vegas of Asia"! There's a lot of exquisite hotels to see, so you can go on hotel-hopping and watch evening shows. You need not worry because free shuttles are available! The Venetian, City of Dreams and Galaxy are some of the hotels that we visited and just few of all that you can find there. As much as I want to visit more, wasn't able to do so because of the limited time. 

The weather was kinda chilly, and being the person who easily gets cold, I mostly wore long sleeves and sweater during the trip.

And of course, Macau is not all about the casinos and grand hotels. You can also find there a hint of history- The Ruins of St. Peter. The church was built from 1582 to 1602 by the Jesuits and was destroyed by a fire during a typhoon in the year 1835. There's also a museum you can explore under.

What do you think?

Photos by Nholz

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Time really flies so fast. I could still clearly recall my 2013 memories, and look at what time of the year it already is! Imagine, 2014's third quarter is almost over?! And the “ber” months had already started. Soon it's gonna be Christmas and New Year!

So uhm, why am I talking about time? Hmmm... Well, everything happened so fast that 
I didn't even notice Lifestylemelodies had already turned 1! Yay! Sorry again for the late post but LSM's first anniversary was actually last July 29. Tehehe..! 
 I have never imagined myself getting into this blogging stuff. I would have not even known anything about this if not of my best friend’s inducement. Haha! Not really interested about this at first. I’m not a writer myself and I don’t even keep a diary of my daily adventures. I never thought I would love to blog and be able to retain it for a year. (Feeling accomplished!) =D
I discovered how good it feels to be able to document my experiences and thoughts. Just like a diary that will someday become an instrument to recollect my past exciting memories. 

Speaking about time and how fast it flies, I am reminded of how we should make the most of it. As we spend our life, we should write as much memories as we can and do our best to make it meaningful. I believe that finding our purpose here on earth and being able to live with it is the greatest achievement a person can have.

Oh btw, here's my first blog entry ever: Start of Something New


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Photos by Nholz
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