Saturday, May 31, 2014


Who doesn't want a perfect de-stressing weekend getaway? As life has been so busy and toxic, I am sure that all of us somehow crave for a relaxing trip. Even a short one is a great help to re-energize ourselves. We are lucky here in the Philippines to have a lot of vacation places that are only few minutes away from the city. But probably most of these famous spots we know are already crowded which makes our unwinding and soul-searching impossible. =( But hey! There are still few serene places we could go to. Just like this one resort I discovered in Tanay Rizal. =) I tell you, the experience is delightful and heavenly! As if heaven is just within your reach. I think that explains its name, Ten Cents to Heaven. There you will find many spots where you could just sit down and reflect while looking at the almost reachable picturesque sky. Believe it or not, the view of the clouds really looks like a painting! I wish I could tell you how amazing it is! Everything but nature. No hint of the city-life.

Its peaceful location makes it a perfect venue for pre-nuptials, weddings, family outings and even team buildings. There are pools, gardens, cabanas, a basketball court, and rooms for overnight stay.

What are you waiting for? Pack your bags, visit this place and see for yourselves what I'm talking about!

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Photos by Nholz

Monday, May 12, 2014


Pastel colors look refreshing, don’t they?  In our stressful modern-day world, it is but helpful to wear clothes with refreshing colors to feel light and relaxed. Think about candies,  think about being playful. Yay! :D I’m not sure with you, but for me this white and light lavender combination feels and looks playful and frisky. Plus the style makes it look even more carefree. I don’t normally wear pastels but I think I’ll start having them on more often. I just realized how soothing they are to dress in and to look at.  =)
Btw, I wore this outfit during a city tour in HongKong. Just perfect for the long walks and bus rides. Remember when traveling, it pays to integrate comfort with style!

What do you think?

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Photos by Nholz
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