Thursday, April 10, 2014


Before going to our destination, my friends and I had a short stopover in Hong Kong. We stayed there overnight then headed to Macau the following day. After Macau and before going home, we went back to HK again. We traveled back and forth. Although tiring, I enjoyed the whole trip! 
I always love to take random pictures whenever out of the country especially because it doesn't look like the usual Manila setting. I enjoy how it feels to be in a different world. Btw, one interesting thing during this trip was that we passed by an ongoing taping in one of the busy streets of the city. =D
Hmm, another thing I like doing whenever out of the country is dressing up like the locals. It's the only time for me to strut my cold weather outfits which I could not wear back in the Philippines. Of course, I still make sure not to sacrifice comfort with style. (Watch out for outfit shots, soon!)


Photos by Nholz

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