Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Few months ago, I went to Bohol for a business trip and a mini vacation. Well, I wasn't really able to visit the tourist spots like the last time I went there. This travel was somewhat different as I mostly spent my days doing business. But something new I discovered about the province was this interesting restaurant in Torralba Street, Tagbilaran City. The restaurant was called "Gerarda's" which was named after the original home owner's wife, Gerarda Ho Lim who was married to Felix Sun Lim, son of one of the first Chinese couples who settled in Bohol.

The interesting part was that, it used to be an ancestral house before it was converted to a restaurant. It's nice to see how the house's interior was preserved. Some of their old pictures were even displayed. From the outside, you will think that it was just an old repainted house. You will not notice that inside it was actually a cozy and homey restaurant! =)

So, if you are in Bohol looking for a venue to celebrate any occasion, or a new place to just chill out, I recommend you to visit this gastronomical haven in this province! =)

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