Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Few months ago, I went to Bohol for a business trip and a mini vacation. Well, I wasn't really able to visit the tourist spots like the last time I went there. This travel was somewhat different as I mostly spent my days doing business. But something new I discovered about the province was this interesting restaurant in Torralba Street, Tagbilaran City. The restaurant was called "Gerarda's" which was named after the original home owner's wife, Gerarda Ho Lim who was married to Felix Sun Lim, son of one of the first Chinese couples who settled in Bohol.

The interesting part was that, it used to be an ancestral house before it was converted to a restaurant. It's nice to see how the house's interior was preserved. Some of their old pictures were even displayed. From the outside, you will think that it was just an old repainted house. You will not notice that inside it was actually a cozy and homey restaurant! =)

So, if you are in Bohol looking for a venue to celebrate any occasion, or a new place to just chill out, I recommend you to visit this gastronomical haven in this province! =)

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Friday, April 11, 2014


Lifestylemelodies is now on Lookbook! Guys, I'm officially introducing my new lookbook profile and the first look I ever posted. Photos were taken in one of HongKong's busy streets. Special thanks to my creative boyfriend for taking the shots. I hope I could really be updated in posting my outfit photos.. hehe.. I'll do my best! ;)
Hope you like it!

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Our last day in Hong Kong happens to be my birthday! I was busy traveling the whole week that I never thought of celebrating it or doing anything special on that day. As I was preoccupied packing up things and having my last-minute update on facebook, someone holding a lovely cake with a matching "happy birthday" song entered the room. Wow! My sweet boyfriend made a mini surprise for me!

Feeling special on my big day <3

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Photos by Ms. Ayee

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Before going to our destination, my friends and I had a short stopover in Hong Kong. We stayed there overnight then headed to Macau the following day. After Macau and before going home, we went back to HK again. We traveled back and forth. Although tiring, I enjoyed the whole trip! 
I always love to take random pictures whenever out of the country especially because it doesn't look like the usual Manila setting. I enjoy how it feels to be in a different world. Btw, one interesting thing during this trip was that we passed by an ongoing taping in one of the busy streets of the city. =D
Hmm, another thing I like doing whenever out of the country is dressing up like the locals. It's the only time for me to strut my cold weather outfits which I could not wear back in the Philippines. Of course, I still make sure not to sacrifice comfort with style. (Watch out for outfit shots, soon!)


Photos by Nholz

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Cheers to my little bro (Marc) for spearheading The National Finance Summit 2014! The event was participated by over three thousand finance students from different universities nationwide. This was actually my first and biggest activity for this year so far. As a support to my brother, my team and I joined the booth activity and conducted financial management surveys to the participants. Thanks to all the students who visited our booth and took part in our airplane activity. I know they all enjoyed  the game and the prizes. 

One of the speakers happened to be one of my favorite authors, Mr. Chinkee Tan. I was also lucky to get a buy one take one promo on Chinkee's selected books. And of course, I did not let the day end without taking a "chink positive" pose with him.

Organizing a big event like this is tedious. Despite all the dilemmas, it was well executed. Successful event indeed! To the whole JCFAP team, job well done!

Photos by Nholz
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