Thursday, February 13, 2014


Have you heard about the five languages of love? Yes! Each of us has our own love language.
And because it is LOVE month, it's just timely to share with you the book I read about the five love languages.

Love language #1 is the "Words of Affirmation". People with this love language feel loved whenever others say positive affirming words to them. 
Love language #2: Gifts. Those whose love language is receiving gifts appreciate it the most when their loved ones give them presents from time to time. It doesn't matter how big or small the gift is. What matters is the meaning attached to that gift.

The third love language is the "Acts of Service", wherein the person feels he is loved whenever someone do things for him. It could be helping him with chores or helping him fix broken stuffs at home.
The fourth is the love language of "Quality Time" (My love language! =D). People with this love language value the time they spend with their loved ones. And whenever spending time, they want to have the full attention.

Last but not the least is the love language of "Physical Touch". A simple hug or holding hands already means a lot to the person with this love language.

We all have different ways of expressing our love to others. Most of the time we tend to show love using our own language without being aware that the person we intend to show love to has a different love language. In effect, the person's love tank remains empty.

A secret to a healthy and successful relationship is being mindful of our loved ones' love language. Show them the love they need! This is not only applicable to romantic relationships, but also to friendships and family relationships. <3

By Gary Chapman

Interesting book, isn't it? =)

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Sunday, February 2, 2014


Hello to my Singapore adventure! I know, I know, this trip isn't recent. It has almost been a year now. But, I guess it's not yet too late to share with you my travel experience, right? =) My stay in Singapore was quite short but memorable- a great time to relax, a nice vacation to de-stress.

On our first night (Friday), we went out to a quick Sentosa visit. Just took some photos then left immediately. It was already late and we still had early plans for the following day. Before going back to our hotel, we soon moved to Chinatown but unluckily unable to have thorough shopping because it was closing time. I told you it was late. =(

So the following day (Saturday), we went back to Sentosa, had a lot of photo sessions, then finally went to Universal Studios- my favorite part! We spent the whole afternoon enjoying the thrilling movie-rides and just had real fun despite the long queues. When it was getting dark, we headed right away to the Merlion Park and the Marina Bay.

The third day (Sunday) was a whole day convention at Singapore Expo. When evening came, we just stayed at the hotel and prepared for the next day's flight home.

That's it! See how short that trip was? Work was awaiting in MNL! Wasn't fully satisfied of how short it was. I will surely re-visit SG someday! =)

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Photos by Nholz
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