Thursday, December 12, 2013


Today, I will talk about personal finance. =)
As I've said in my previous post on mutual funds, I really enjoy attending financial management seminars. 
Last October, I attended a Financial Advisors Congress held at RCBC Plaza in Makati. 
This is one of the big events that I got acquainted with this year and here's my little sharing. I will tell you about one of the topics discussed which I think is helpful in our personal lives- financial management!
The segment was entitled TOTAL FINANCIAL STRATEGY FOR TOTAL PEACE OF MIND. It was conducted by a Registered Financial Planner and the man behind the Wealth Academy Program, Mr. Noel Arandilla.

During the talk, the speaker discussed about the realities of our fast changing world.
People spend faster today... Technology advances rapidly... The outdoor games that kids used to play are now replaced with gadgets...
Before, a parent could raise ten children. Today, the ten children could not raise a parent.
Before, a father working could raise ten children. But today, a couple both working could hardly raise two kids.
Commodities get more and more expensive. How should we deal about this? There is a need for us to manage our finances well, have the discipline of saving and invest in the right facility.

The speaker also cited the FOUR FINANCIAL MISTAKES that most of the people commit. Such are the lack of planning, lack of discipline and procrastination, depending on someone else for financial information, and lack of financial knowledge.

If you want to build a SOLID FINANCIAL FOUNDATION, you have to build it right. Building it right means setting priorities in your fund allocation. Yes! There is a right way of establishing one's wealth.
Here's how you create a stable financial foundation:
First, you need to have a HEALTHCARE FUND. 
Second is acquire a LIFE INSURANCE. 
Third, you should MANAGE YOUR DEBT. 
And last, you need to INVEST!

I hope you learned something! =)

BTW, here's what I wore during the conference...

What do you think? =)

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Photos by Nholz

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Few months ago, I went to Bangkok for a convention plus mini-break adventure. A perfect time to escape from Makati's busy life.
Whenever I go out of the country, I always plan out my clothes for the whole trip. I will share with you what I wore during my five days of stay in Thailand's capital city. 

On my flight to Bangkok, I wore a cozy casual dress.

Most of the must-see places in Thailand are temples and when it comes to dress codes, they are strict! I guess having this outfit for that day was a good choice. White fitted tee and long skirt pants. 

  A-line skirt plus long sleeves for the big event. =) 

 Comfy dress on shopping day!

Just wore pants and a loose tee on my flight home.

Before I end this post, I'll show you some snapshots of our BKK adventure:

Things to do in Bangkok: ride the tuk-tuk, visit the temples, ride the ferry, go shopping at Chatuchak, and many more!
Exciting trip, isn't it? =)

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Photos by Nholz

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