Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Wanna know how I discovered my passion for accessory-making?

I think it started when I was young. At an early age, I have already loved braiding, stitching doll clothes, creating beaded bracelets and others. I can say I was good in craft-making early on. haha!

But my journey in formally creating accessories started when I accompanied a friend to a shop which apparently sells accessory materials. When I first entered that store, I really got excited! It was like the greatest discovery of my life!=)) Kidding aside, that's where I got the idea of having my own accessories business.
I started buying materials, copied sample pieces, did some trial and error and the rest was history...

I will show you the first few pieces I created for myself. (Not for sale!.. hehe..)


Bracelets and Earrings!


Beginner here... Please forgive the imperfections. =D

What do you think? =)

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Photos by Me

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